This trial has been stopped 2/2 to futility. Galena pharmaceuticals press release here

An exercise in futility

Unblinding reveals....

I am enrolled in an NIH trial for a vaccine to prevent recurrence. It is called PRESNT (Prevention of Recurrence in Early-Stage, Node-Positive Breast Cancer With Low to Intermediate HER2 Expressions With NeuVax™Treatment) and information about the vaccine can be found here.

Introduction Appointment
Possible Delay In Enrollement
Enrolling/Preservative Tests
Shot #1
Shot #2 
Shot #3 and Induration
Shot #4
Shot #5 and how eating a large pizza ended up in my medical record
Shot #6 and it's reaction  
7 month preservative test
One Year Shot
16 month follow up  
18 month Shots!! 
21 Month Follow up 
2 Year Shots
 27 month bloodwork
2.5 Year Shots
3 Year Shots (finishing the trial!!) 

Why The Study Protocol was updated to include fainting as a possible side affect...maybe
Spending an overnight in the hospital 
Officially ruled vasovagel incident

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