Below is an attempt to organizing some of the continuing themes of being a survivor. I have read about people who don't feel the need to celebrate their cancerverseries. I am not that person. I like to celebrate everything and anything that I can. 

Celebrating Survivorverseries
The last day of treatment
Back on the track 
2 months 
3 months 
 Diagnosis day 1 year later 
Happy Tumor Evacuation Day
7 months 
1 year from last chemo infusion
10 months
Back to competitive running
Better off NED. 1 year post treatment
Celebrating a year of NED
Diagnosis Day Celebration 2.0 
2 years from the last chemo infusion 
Better off NED 2.0  
Diagnosis Day 3.0
Better off NED 3.0
Still NED 

Thanks Mom
Thanks Bro
Thanks Dad
Month of Gratitude 
Gratitude Journaling and How to be 25% happier

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Bear
Part I
Part II

Can I blame Tamoxifen for this? 
How many side effects are there? 
Sleep Disturbances
Blood Clots 

Hot Flashes
mini flash
Can I walk home barefoot?
Why I wear shortsleeves year round
Foreigner the soundtrack of my body temperature

Follow Up Tests
6 month post surgery Mammogram  
PCP, XRT and Surgery f/u 
My first MUGA
Post Cancer Treatment CT 
Post CT scan follow up scan and results 
Another MUGA scan 
One year CT and bone scan
Officially Still Cancer Free
1 year mammogram
More MUGA scanning 
Two year CT and Bone Scan 
Declared NED 
2 year mammogram  

Chemo Curls
Humidity and  curly hair 
1st post chemo haircut 
2.5 years later I can still have a meltdown about my hair

More Studies
The Health of Women Study 
A resource for more studies the Army of Women 

The hard stuff
In Memory of Mary Howe Paige
Trying not to take it personally
Carolyn Grantham 
The Greatest Myth
Stuart Scott and his great quote about death not meaning you lose to cancer

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