Thursday, October 25, 2018

Full Circle Moment! Survivorship For the Win

6 years ago to the day was likely the most traumatic for my mother in terms of immediate impact. It was the day that our good family friend shaved my head.  While I felt proud to have a bald head, my mother felt like this is when I looked "sick".

Let's recap, now does this really look like a cancer patient?

Anyways, I have had my hair past my shoulders since I was in the first grade, but making it to the 5 year mark of being NED lit a fire under me to keep growing my hair out and to donate it for wigs for the American Cancer Society. So it had been a year since I cut my hair. I found I did know how to braid it, which surprised my mom.

(Sneaky way of cheering for the Red Sox, huh? Please ignore my inability to pose for photos in the above). 

So, after growing my ponytail to 9 inches, I had the same family friend who shaved my head, cut off my ponytail for me and then gave me a pretty sweet lob. 

Mom and I (of course I had her with me, still trying to help reverse some of the trauma in her mind of shaving my head), then went to the post office and sent this guy off to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  

Then, with my hair package securely sent out,  I made sure to buy some breast cancer stamps  Did you know that these stamps helped fund the study that showed that not everyone needs chemo with a breast cancer diagnosis? How awesome. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Boston 2018

Welcome to Boobtober! A month where we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness and watch everything get slapped with a pink ribbon. I am happy to say that those in my circle are becoming more educated about products and make certain that donations from products actively go to organizations that actually do things to advance breast cancer research or take care of patients. Things like the Breast Cancer Research Fund (BCRF, there great hashtag for the month is #ResearchistheReason), Dr. Susan Love Foundation, and American Cancer Society. Because of all the good the American Cancer Society does for people actively undergoing cancer treatment and ways for people to cope with diagnosis.

One of my favorite activities of Boobtober is doing the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk my primary caregiver, my Mom. I enjoy doing the walk because this is where they give you a survivor sash and its great to be surrounded by other breast cancer survivor sisters (and brothers) and their support squads. Plus, its fun to watch my mom get such joy from the continued surprised looks people give the two of us walking when they see my sash! This year many people stopped to say congratulations or give a thumbs up, or communicate in some way that they were excited for you.

I went with the bandanna this year instead of a cape and you cans see part of my survivor sash sticking out. The weather was gorgeous and it's rewarding to see so many people out supporting the cause.