Thursday, March 1, 2018

5 Years of NED

5 years ago, I remember walking into the radiation suite for one last time. I remember being so excited that my hair was growing back, that I only had to wear the pink johnny one last time and that I had finished. I had made it though surgery, 4 rounds of chemo and 30 radiation treatments.

My mom reminded me how when I first diagnosed, she looked at me and said I wish it was five years from now and this was all behind us. it is.  It's amazing.

I started the day wearing my Team NED t-shirt and matching one of my favorite people in her Team NED tshirt

This is the extent that the toddler was willing to have her picture taken in the morning. She was still mad that her grandparents had brought me a present in the morning and not her (she did, however, get a cake pop). 

I had a grand old time celebrating the day with my family. I was staying at my brother and sister in laws and spending as much time with the tiny person as possible. We had a dance party in the kitchen and had an amazing dinner. 
I mean who wouldn't love hanging out with this crew? A 3 year old who has tiaras for everyone and every mood? What's not to like? How could you not have a blast? 

So, the boob cake has to wait a couple of weeks this year because 5 years was too important not to be surrounded by my family. 

One of my breast cancer peeps hit her 5 year mark this year too. As we both know, that with ER/PR+ breast cancer has a chance of recurrence throughout the lifetime, but we have both said we are loving the 5 year feeling! 

Also, in celebration, we got the Team NED fundraising page up and running to raise some money and get more people all NEDded up and able to celebrate their 5 years cancer free mark. 

So ya, I'm lovin' that 5 year feeling.