Sunday, November 12, 2017

Making Strides, Celebrating all the Birthdays, XRT follow ups, people on blood thinners should not be allowed to used mandolines, and recent news that will hike up the FOR meter

Been having some fun living my life without biopsies, that I have some catching up to do.

Making Strides Boston 2017 
Mom and I went again this year. I got my survivor sash and a cape. Yup, a superhero cape. It was a brisk morning, but I do feel like I'm advocating for the survivors under 40 while I'm out there walking around. My mom's favorite part is how many stares and mouths agape that I get walking around with my survivor sash. This year, on the way home an man in his 50/60's kept hitting his wife until she turned to point me out. I just smiled and waved. The barista at Starbucks asked me if I dressed like that ever day. I'm not going to lie, I considered making the cape part of my daily look. 

Celebrating Birthday's
I love that the American Cancer Society once had a slogan "Here's to more Birthday's". I had never really been one to celebrate my birthday, but now I do make sure I do something special, eat some treats and see some of my favorite people. 

Celebrating my birthday, however is nothing compared to how much I love celebrating my niece's birthday. She turned 3 this year and Mom and I flew down to Arizona for a few days. It was the first flight I'd taken since being diagnosed with DVTs and I wore compression stalkings on both flights. On the lead up to the flights my left calf was being all twingy with pain, but I think that it might have been all in my head. I was nervous to fly, but knowing that I was going to go get quality "Auntie Time" eased the nerves. 

Radiation Oncology 
Well, I never used to believe other survivors that there would be time that I wouldn't think about having had cancer every day, but I did. Now, I've transitioned into forgetting that I have oncology appointments! The pendulum may have swung too far. So, at my rescheduled appointment with my radiation oncologist all was well. We talked about how good my boobs looked, how happy I looked and when my next vacation was. Who doesn't want to start a Monday morning like that? 

People on Blood Thinners Should Not be Able to Use Mandolines 
I love kitchen gadgets. Love them. My boyfriend has a mondoline for very fine, constant and easy slicing. Well I was making an apple pie for Thanksgiving (it is less than two weeks away people, yes I am a planner) and despite his warnings that it wasn't really necessary and that he was worried about me using it, I sliced my finger on the 3rd section of apple (so like 45 seconds into using it). I watch my thumb slide right into the blade and then...... oh my.  I haven't had many instances of bleeding like that. 

Just kidding, it wasn't that bad. But it did involve a trip to CVS for some blood clotting gauze, butterfly bandages and fingertip bandages. Oops. Don't worry the apple pie was unharmed.

Jacking up the FOR 
Things I could have gone without. Studies are showing the ER+ breast cancer can recur 15-20 years after treatment.  Woman who had positive lymph nodes had the higher rate of recurrence. Well, that will give you some pause and make you continue to appreciate each and every cancer free day you got going on.

Makes me wonder, is 10 years enough on Tamoxifen? Should I just take that and my poop emoji shaped blood thinner 4-eva? Well, better make sure I don't miss my medical oncology appointment (in March!) and ask those questions.