Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The trials and tribulations of navigating the Cancer Survivor world-AKA we'll just biopsy it

It was quite the summer; DVTs, blood thinners, colonoscopies and uterine biopsies. I began to feel like a human science experiment. Thankfully everything is benign and per usual "We would just like to monitor you, given your history". I swear I could make a template for some of my health care provider visits.

This summer I also continued to collect specialist. Now that I have the cardiovascular doctor, a gastroenterologist and now an endodontist.

An endodontist you say? Well, my adventures in dental examinations continue. I went in for my annual cleaning and they took some X rays, and then it began again.


Crap. "What?" (Slightly concerned, but people say that a lot to me)

"Well that spot on your font tooth is still there and we think you should go see a specialist to see if you need a root canal." A root canal on my front tooth? Well that sounds all kinds of fun.

Off the endodontist I went. She was a lovely woman. One of the members of her staff looked at me and asked what bus route I took. Turns out we pass each other every morning. Yay bus people! (Those who ride public transportation together, stick together).

This lovely endodontist decided  to take her own 3D pictures of my jaw and there it was again.


Crap on cracker. "What?" (Now concerned).

Well, she showed me what the imaging she had taken and it looked like a hole in my jaw. Right below my front teeth. A hole? Are you kidding me?

She then went through the options it could be and wrote them down 1) Dental thingermerbobber (didn't stick with me) 2) Something that would be replaced with putty 3) Bone MET. I gave her my best "really?" face. She said "Given your past medical history we do need to investigate further and we may need to biopsy your jaw". That made me start routing for a root canal. But, the specialist needed to send my films out to a specialist to have them read it further. Sounds about right.

So then I wait for the specialist to read my special dental films from the specialist. I am really good at waiting for results at this point.

1 week later the endodontist called. "Great news. It's a benign cyst. Nothing to be done. Don't let anyone ever do a root canal on that front tooth".

Winner winner chicken dinner.

Talk about the ultimate outcome. Glad it was just weird films and nothing else. Glad that it didn't come to a biopsy either.

Now back to living my life and eating crunchy and sticky foods with a complete jaw.