Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Why I Love to watch Playing House

I've been a big fan of USA's Playing House a comedy about two best friends and their travels through life and love of Kenny Loggins. These are two of the funniest people you will find on television.

I have been patiently waiting a year and half for the season 3 to happen (especially after the finale of season 2 featured Kenny Loggins singing my Mom's favorite song).

And then in May, my facebook feed had Stand Up to Cancer features Actress Jessica St. Clair Gets personal about breast cancer. And featured this blog post from her.

It was beyond relateable to me. Stage 2b ER+ breast cancer. The love of the Great British Baking Show. The gratitude and the self deprecation, was spot on and I got very excited to read that Perham and St. Clair would be writing their experience through cancer into the season.

I couldn't wait to watch......and I was not disappointed.

USA let every episode be available on demand and I blew through the seasons and I have watched all 8 episodes twice so far. What I really enjoy is that they show the character Emma living her life through cancer! It doesn't become the focus of the show.

You can tell that they really have lived it, and it's so appreciated. My favorite episode is "Ride the Dragon" as to me it had the most relatable moments.  Emma (St. Clair) has finished a chemo round and when she walks into a room/party of women people don't know what to say to her. And it takes Emma making a demand and using "come on, I have cancer you have to do what I say" to break the ice. Oh man, been there.

Then there is the interaction between Emma and her mother. Her mother just cannot spend enough time with her and give her enough hugs. Eventually, Emma gives way and just lets the prolonged hugs happen. Done that. (love you Mom) After cancer, one of my good friend's husband let me know that he totally appreciated that I actually hugged him now and didn't just do limp arms.

Finally, the most spot on depiction was the conversation between Emma and another cancer survivor. Their conversation about living a "Hell Yes" life and that cancer changes you because you have to face your on mortality is something that sneaks up on you through out treatment, but leaves an everlasting mark. I may have rewound this conversation and watched again and again. It's so great see the humor in cancer on television and not a melodramatic sad display.

The season finale (airing Friday July 14th or available via Comcast on demand) it is amazing. It has a great celebration of survivorship, friendship and Tina Turner.

Maybe I'll rotate episodes of the Great British Baking Show and Playing House. Now, that is a happy place.