Monday, February 27, 2017

4 more years! 4 more years!

4 years ago today I completed my last radiation treatment and celebrated through the whole day. It is a tradition that I have continued. I have since thrown myself a Better Off NED party every day on or near the 27th of February to celebrate with myself and all my co-survivors. It's a great little shindig where I make a cake that abstractly looks like a boob and I often put my scar on there. (My boyfriend thinks it's a little weird, but everyone else loves it)

Here's a compilation of boob cakes, with this year's version on the lower right hand corner. I did not get a shot of the inside, it had great layers of caramel on the inside.

I have put in to have off for the day of work for infinity. Having cancer is one of those things that teaches you about the fragility of life and the importance of taking time to celebrate. I am grateful to be able to celebrate 4 years cancer free and hope to have a lifetime more of celebrations.

So, I slept in, did a workout on the stationary bike (4 more physical therapy sessions and then I can run again), danced/cleaned the house to some Bon Jovi and went out for a very fancy lunch with my parents.

My hospital also launched on Friday the new video for the Lahey 5k and the story is a very familiar one.

Please forgive how much of a goober I am. But, I love this event and I am truly grateful for the role that Lahey hospital plays in my life. How great is my mother in this video? 

Off to eat more cake. And celebrate a little bit more.