Saturday, January 28, 2017

No, no medical resident don't worry about that, my oncologist said I'm just a regular person now

In all my training for the half marathon back in November, somewhere along the way I injured my left hip. I was too determined (aka stubborn) during training to take some time off and have it checked out. I gave it my standard 6 weeks off to see if it would heal, but it did not.

Here is one of the weird things for me, I have rarely had an injury to the left side of my body. I have had multiple (6) stress fractures, all on the right side. My bad eye, on the right. My bad boob, on the right. It's a whole new experience on the left.

Anyways, after attempting to gt back running, cross training and then just plain walking and still having pain in my hip I finally went to the doctor. They told me that I could wait an additional 6 weeks and see my PCP or I could see the medical resident the next day. I chose the resident.

The resident was lovely. Being a resident, however, you could watch her go through her mental checklist based on my symptoms and my past medical history. Bless this lovely little resident, but I nearly stopped her mid questioning to say "No, it is not a bone met". But for once I actually behaved myself and let her finish the line of questioning. I smiled politely through the physical exam and told her about the way the pain radiated and that it felt to be more muscle/tendon pain (and tried to reinforce that years of running I have become extremely familiar with the difference). She looked at me puzzled when I explained that sometimes it was more of a "nagging" pain than a "stabbing" pain and it didn't have the burn that a stress fracture has.

She stepped out (and than back in 2 times to check a couple of items, no I do not drink alcohol nor do I have any changes in my "gait" -likely not a Vitamin B12 deficiency here).

Then the resident's attending came in. He took one look at me and said "I thought it was you!". After all, I am hospital famous. The breast cancer surviving dietitian. The attending physician and I chatted briefly about running (he had finished with a couple of members of team NED at last years Lahey 5k) and about how long I'd been running (high school, college, post collegiate) and was asking me about running in college. He did his exam and then stated "I don't think that it's arthritis, you would be a little young".

"Well, I've been a little young for things before"

"True". And that is how I ended up having an Xray on my hip later that day. The resident was insistent that it was part of a protocol and that she didn't think it would show anything. I reassured her, that I too believed that. She gave me a warm smile.

She called me the next day to let me know that the xray was completely normal. You could tell how relieved she was. I told her I wasn't worried, my oncologist told me I'm just a regular person now. She helped me schedule a follow up with the sports orthopedist and wished me luck.

I got my xray results via my online chart a couple days later and read it just for fun. Normal L hip. Only remarkable is larger than normal stool burden. yeah, more exams letting me know that I'm full of s*it.

And now that I've gotten a little extra dose of radiation and everyone feels better about my hip pain (except for me who still can't run yet), I'll just patiently wait for my appointment in 2 weeks with the orthopedist. And distract myself with the run up to the Patriots in the Super Bowl (the below song was referenced in the pregame piece leading up to the AFC game, that was narrated by the one Jon Bon Jovi)