Sunday, November 13, 2016

Feeling Very Grateful

This was a long hard week for many reasons. However, from being a breast cancer survivor, I have found that after the most trying of times the overwhelming sense of gratitude can often fill the void that trying times create. Or at least it can if we let it. 

I haven't had the option to blog for a while because when I am not working or traveling, I've been training. Yes, this 400 m runner's foray into distance running continues. Today, culminated 12 weeks of training. My boyfriend and I completed a half marathon today. 

I had been lamenting as we did our long runs that my long shot goal seemed out of reach (I wanted to break 2 hrs). We had been running slightly quicker each week, but it seemed we were destined to run a very respectable 2:06. But, it wasn't what I really wanted. And as much I continually tried to tell my new training partner that I was ok with it, he knew I wasn't. So, this morning we towed the line and we pushed the pace for all 13.1 miles. Our result: 1:58.10. The runners high from this one is pretty darn good. Our cheering (and driving) squad was pretty excited too-but, you know my parents are biased. 

It also makes me realize that I am very fortunate. I am still able to get out there and run. 

I am very proud of the fact that I am a cancer survivor out of the cancer center in the hospital that I work for. When the PR team asked if I would be interested in sharing my story for a breast cancer awareness section in a local news paper, I said absolutely. I think overall the piece came out great (wrong half marathon, but the gist is there), but I think when you read the whole section, it is impossible for me to not walk away grateful. I'm grateful for how my cancer journey has turned out. I am grateful for the support I had (very happy the bear got some press) and that other's may begin to understand the gratitude I have for the amazing things people have done for me. {I don't believe in everything in that section that was published-particularly GMOs and alternative therapies. I believe in science and the science isn't there on GMOs and not for alternative therapies being the main treatment modality for breast cancer} 

Today I am going to bask in my gratitude.