Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to Party NED Style

With testing and good results behind me, it was time to party. I've been delayed in posting this, because since I had the party and the relief of the results I've found I really like to sleep, a lot, right now. A fun bought of laryngitis also added into the mix didn't help.

Here's how to part like your NED.

Step 1) Be overwhelmed with the gratitude that comes with a clean bill of health
Step 2) Boob cake

This is a S'mores cake. I decided that it was appropriate because it is irradiated, much like my boob. Ok so not really irradiated, but rather flame toasted, but you get the idea. (Not to toot my own baking horn, but this cake was delicious. My completely unbiased boyfriend said it's the best cake he ever had. I'm holding him to that).  

Step 3) Invite all your co-survivors and put out a spread for them 

And because you have amazing co-survivors and an amazing support system these fine folks send you flowers like those seen behind the boob cake, or they make things like these: 

These are mammo-grahams. They are almond paste smooshed between graham crackers. They are hilarious and delicious. 

Step 4) Have a great time catching up with everyone and catching your breath. It's not ideal to live your life from scan to scan, but you sure can cram in a whole lot to a year. 

I gave myself a little break from researching breast cancer stuff to give my mind time to quite down. It's now primed and ready to take a look at all the fun stuff out there about endocrine disruptors, pesticide residue on food and some of the new testing coming out for breast cancer. Getting ready to dive in! 

But, first maybe a quick nap...