Sunday, May 18, 2014

I love quotes

Have truer words ever been painted on wood?  : )

Thanks for the new sign Mom.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Heavy Legs Make Terrible Running Partners

I have made a brief attempt at an outdoor track season. One meet and done.  In fairness, because I have too many other awesome plans I am not able to make the rest of the scheduled meets. Also, because the first race went like this (seriously, how white am I?):
This is the second 200. This is the homestretch after I dropped my transmission on the previous curve. See, I forgot that I am no longer a sub 60 seconds 400 m runner. I decided that when the woman on the inside lane caught me in the first 50 m, I would stay with her. Well, we went through the 200 at 28 seconds. Uh, oh. That right now is what I could run for just 200 m. I tried to keep going and my body shut down and I ran a new personal worst. However, season best through 200 m and.....I beat the other Masters runner! Unfortunately, she wasn't in my heat. I was checking the results and found that I had beat her and said out loud "Yay not last!". The dude checking his results laughed and gave me a high five. See people understand, sometimes you just want to make sure your not last! Or as we call it DFL (Dead Expletive Last).

Later, while cooling down ran into the Masters runner. She said "Hey, you missed all of last year, what was going on?".
Me "Oh, cancer" 
 "Wow. Chemo and everything?"
"Yes, but everything is good now"
"Great to have you back. There is a story in there. I feel like I shouldn't complain about my knee surgery"

My body does not enjoy running right now. I feel like my sneakers were gifts from Tony Soprano (made from cement) and my IT bands I swear are getting shorter. My knees are crunchy when I walk up stairs which sounds worse than it feels. But, I am still running. Nothing hurts I am just super super tight.  Lack of flexibility and legs feeling like trash is not new, but amped up another notch since post cancer. Hmm....can I blame this on tamoxifen?

Well rebuilding and getting ready to run the Lahey 5K are the new focus. I'll try again next year. I may be slow but it was still fun to be out there. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Master of the Awkward Overshare

As I am known for being a social butterfly (as Wayne Cambell would say NOT) attending a bar crawl with a bunch of fellow runners is already a set up for awkwardness being on full display. Add in the fact that I don't drink alcohol, because it raises my circulating estrogen level that the tomoxifen works so hard to lower every day. Now, when out with a bunch of people drinking seltzer water as you travel from bar to bar can lead to an awkward situation when you run into someone who is not aware of the cancer background.

Let's recap the situation:

I run into a friend of one of the distance runners, who turns out to be someone I ran against in high school. She is one of the nicest people I ever competed against. We discuss current jobs, I am introduced to her fiance, we talk about her sister's Celiac disease and that no she will never be able to eat gluten. We are pleasantly chatting when they notice that I have no drink in hand.
 "Do you want a beer?"
"Oh, no thanks I can't drink"
"Oh, alright"

Now, as I haven't really seen this runner friend in 6 years (we have not competed against each other in 10) I decided to make sure that this does not imply that I am an alcoholic.

"I take medication to make sure my breast cancer doesn't return and it interferes with alcohol" 
"What?!?!" (I am now beginning to think this overshare was not the best plan).
"Yeah, yeah. No big deal. Had breast cancer, cancer free now"
"Did you have chemo and everything?!?"
"Yes, had the triple crown. Was bald. Had a great head shape like your fiance" (Attempting to play it off..)

Her fiance complements my current hairstyle and attempt to wave someone else over to make this terrible episode stop. Thankfully, it was time for the bar crawl to move on. Her fiance decides to stay and not come to the next bar. I do not see her for the remainder of the night. Glad to see my super power of taking any situation and making it awkward still exists.

Maybe next time I should just say, "No thanks, I am good right now".

I'm going to start practicing.