Thursday, September 19, 2013

Of Mullets and Skin Reactions

This week I had my 6 month MUGA (heart function) scan to make sure the vaccine is not doing bad things to my heart (and also no latent affects from chemo). Another radioactive injection and some 38 minutes of scanning and the results are an ejection fraction of 66%. Which is 2% different from the last scan, a non-significant difference. My oncologist said it just means I have a really good heart. Still one of the best she's ever seen. Win!

I had the last round of vaccine shots for the next 6 months. It has already been 6 months of enrollment! Craziness. It was also my research RN's last day. It was nice to be her last patient. She also made sure that my consumption of a whole pizza was in my medical record (and study records). I am quite proud that somewhere in my electronic record it reads "Patient reports she ate a large pizza for dinner. Appetite is good". And then somewhere else it also reads "Patient is employed as a dietitian". Shots hurt a little more than usual and started to puff up a little quicker than all the previous shots. But, I was not expecting what I found when I came home and was changing my pants. My entire thigh was swollen, sore and hot to the touch. Ice packs, advil and benedryl are helping to control the swelling, but the usual for distinct circles are one big rectangle that covers the entire length of my thigh. However, induration-the skin thickening, is only in circles and the are about 8 cm in diameter (within the study limits). I've been walking like I have a peg leg. Still something oddly comforting about having the reaction, like there is not just sugar water in the syringes. [which the control is just an immune booster not sugar water].

My hair doppelganger in the middle.  

Looking forward to getting my hair cut. I currently look like Andrew McCarthy in Pretty in Pink. It's too curly to be Andrew McCarthy in Weekend at Bernies, but it has straightened out some.

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  1. Hahaha I can't wait to see you and your mullet in 2 weeks!!